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Last Nov 2012 I was involved in a 4 car collison. Didnt know

Customer Question

Last Nov 2012 I was involved in a 4 car collison. Didnt know their ins so went thru mine. On Aug 13th I was notified by phone they wouldnt be paying any bills until they researched my medicial file. I told them I had an appt to find out about the MRI that was done and was told they couldnt tell me not to see them but they wouldnt pay. Now when I call I get letters telling me they will be in touch when they go thru everything. I have 2 yrs since beginning and they are using up my time. I havent contacted a lawyer because I don't believe in law suits but dont know what to do
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  socrateaser replied 3 years ago.


You may not believe in lawsuits, but based on your stated facts, hiring a lawyer may be your only option.

Insurers in California have a statutory obligation to pay claims in a timely manner. Two years means something is very wrong somewhere -- though I cannot say where.

What I can say is that personal injury attorneys work on contingency, so you wouldn't be paying anything up front -- and, usually, a personal injury attorney get more money from an insurer that you could ever possibly accomplish, frequently the difference is enough to cover the attorney's contingency fees.

The insurance commissioner (IC) has limited authority. The IC cannot get you damages from the other insurer, or force the other driver to disclose the name of that insurer. IC can only force your insurer to honor its contractual requirements. So, if you would be satisfied with that as an outcome, then an IC complaint may be all you need.

But, otherwise, you will need a personal injury attorney. If you would like a link to a lawyer referral service, please let me know if my answer is helpful, and I will be happy to provide.

And, thanks for using!