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Our former son-in-law and FBI agent, angry that our daughter

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Our former son-in-law and FBI agent, angry that our daughter is divorcing him, is repeatedly threatening her and us with "investigations, criminal charges, fines, imprisonment" apparently based on his trolling through FBI data bases. While married, he installed microphones and recording equipment in her car, a GPS tracker, cloned her phone and email acct.s, etc. He has submitted false complaints to the state board of licensing accusing her of fraudulently obtaining that credential (not true). We have no idea what he thinks he has; we are a law-abiding family with no experience with the legal system or law enforcement. There is a protective order in place that was meant to stop him harassing her but he has not. We have submitted a formal complaint to the FBI but have not been contacted by them yet. We are frightened for our daughter and our extended family. We think we need a lawyer but do not know what kind of lawyer. We are at a loss as to what to do next. Please help steer us in the right direction.

Chris T., JD :

Good afternoon. I'll be assisting you with your question.

Chris T., JD :

I was formerly an Assistant US Attorney, so I'm quite familiar with FBI policies and procedures. This person has several issues to deal with, both internally and externally.

Chris T., JD :

First off, you may need to continue to push things with the internal FBI investigation. Call and ask to speak to someone with internal investigations (different agencies call them different things, some call it "office of inspector general," some call it "office of professional responsibility."). Nevertheless, you need to continue to call and push the issue.

Chris T., JD :

Second, it is a federal crime for him to threaten you with investigation, arrest, or prosecution just for personal reasons. As such, you should contact the US Attorney's Office where this has taken place.

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As far as a lawyer goes, there really isn't much one can do, other than possibly sue him for harassment. However, that is a crime, as well, so the local DA can (in theory) prosecute him. So, at this point, I see very little value in hiring a lawyer. It just isn't worth the money. The one thing an attorney could do for you is help get the attention of the FBI or US Attorney's office when it comes to investigating this matter. As unfair as it may be, if someone has an attorney, they are just taken more seriously. But, if they are going to look into this matter without you having to hire an attorney, I'd try to make that happen first.

Thanks for the positive rating! If you have any questions in the future, you can direct them to me here. Also, you may receive a survey in the near future asking questions about my service. If you have a few moments, please complete it. Hopefully, you've been fully satisfied with my assistance. If not, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Chris, I will certainly try to contact you again if necessary. Per your advice, we have now written formal complaints, according to the form on their website (DC's shut down of course) to the US Atty. in Phoenix and DC...can't mail them via registered mail until Tues. Have had no response to our complaints to the FBI. Will call as you suggested. We are consulting a local lawyer in case we need him. I think what is most disturbing is that this man's superiors in the FBI had to know he was unstable, out of control (they took his guns at one point) and they did not inform or warn our daughter who was trying so desperately to get away from him. I can't help but wonder if this kind of stuff is "normal" among law enforcement people and dismissed as "not serious."


He is planning on visiting VA for their twins' 10th b-day this coming weekend. We are hoping her VA lawyer can find a way to stop that from happening as it seems to us he is escalating in his threats but they are never physical. After writing directly to her lawyer that she would save so much money if she moved to AZ to live with him and his parents (this is after she discovered that he falsely reported her counseling license was obtained fraudulently! It was not) he wrote, again directly to her lawyer, that "her family is being investigated for "material fraud and could face millions in fines and penalties, lose contracts/income, and likely serve imprisonment for other matters." This is about as delusional as a man can be. My husband is a musician. We have been married 48 years. Our nine grandkids are our joy in life. We feel as though we have been dragged into Dante's circle of hell. Thank you again for your advice...gave me something to do and I can write a hell of a letter. P. McCarthy

I'm really glad I could help out. Be sure to let me know how it goes.