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Hello I am going to court today for a charge of 38-93 assult.

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Hello I am going to court today for a charge of 38-93 assult. I was a little intoxicated I do not remember the event that much just up until the point I blacked out. I was assulted by a large group of people and entered fight or flight mode and blacked out. When I came back to reality I was at the Red Rocks police station waiting on an ambulance and the police officer then gave me the ticket. I would assume that I might have hit a security person. I want this matter behind me, but don't want to be arrested or lose my job. Would it be in my best interest to plead not-guilty and get a lawyer or just plead guilty and hope for the best, XXXXX XXXXX no contest and try to plead a case? Thank you for your help I have never been in trouble before with the exception of speeding tickets and don't understand the law.

I can't tell you what to do but your best bet generally is to talk to the prosecutor and see if they will offer you a good deal that you want to accept by taking a plea. The best outcome for a plea in a case like this is what is called deferred prosecution, which basically means your case is put off for a period of time and if you stay out of trouble, the case is dismissed so that you don't have a criminal record. If they want to offer you a plea that requires you to plead guilty and will result in a conviction, however, you may want to ask the court for time to obtain an attorney rather than entering a guilty plea. A record is generally something you want to avoid having so unless the prosecutor is willing to offer you something that will allow you to keep your record clean, it is a good idea to engage counsel to try to keep it off your record instead.
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