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I own a bar and had a customer come in two weeks ago on a Saturday

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I own a bar and had a customer come in two weeks ago on a Saturday night. She is very overweight, and says that she tripped and hurt her ankle in a hole in the floor. Its actually a small indentation in the floor which is carpeted. Immediately after she sat down and pulled an ankle brace from her purse and put it on. Three of my employees witnessed this. I walked over to speak to her, to see if she was alright. She said her ankle hurt but would not let me see the ankle since she had put the brace on. Her sister then said, Chelsie broke her ankle in a bar before when she was drunk. seems like it happens a lot in our family. I then offered her ice etc. She said no. A short time later she asked my waitress for ice, which we gave her. I went back behind the bar and watched her. This happened at 9pm and she stayed in the bar , even moving to a table closer to the dance floor until 2:15 am when we closed..

Today I get a call from her asking for me to pay all her medical bills. Do I have any responsiblity for this? Its obvious she has problems with her ankle if she carries a brace in her purse
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

This is obviously appearing to be suspicious at best and a scam at worst (and more likely). has she sent you her 'medical bills' yet? Did anyone actualy see her trip?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im not sure if anyone saw her trip. I do have cameras and am going to pull up that nights events.


I just think if you are as hurt as what she said , she would have left immediately for medical attention

Thank you for your follow-up.

If you believe yourself to not be liable because she did not leave right away to seek treatment, then that would be false assumption. A person is not required to obtain emergency care right away. Sometimes, especially in soft-tissue injuries, adrenaline and dopamine in the blood may mask the effect of injury and that is why, for example, folks end up being sore much later after an event and not before. This is not to say that these are valid claims here, as I do not believe them to be going solely from your facts, but if she did fall, and the fall was caused by a protrusion in your location, and she suffered injury, you would be liable.

I would therefore suggest that you first pull the files and see if there was a fall. Second, request copies of her medical bills AND the description of what was treated to see if it fits the claim, and then you can decide for yourself if you would fight it or you would pursue it instead.

Good luck!

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