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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am the Managing Member of a Florida

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Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am the Managing Member of a Florida & California based corporation. We signed a celebrity to endorse our brand and now after having been paid, she is backing out (she has completed 50% obligations so far) citing an error in the contract which she is using to wiggle out of it. We want to send a demand letter along with a lawsuit, which we think will motivate her to comply with the contract.At this point of time, we cannot afford an attorney fees for filling the lawsuit, so we need to know if we send the demand letter and can file the lawsuit pro se?
Please help!

Thank you for your question and thank you very kindly for requesting me to assist you further.

To answer your question directly, sending a demand letter on your own such as from the 'president' or 'CEO' of the company is fine. The reason is because a demand letter by itself has no legal teeth or backing. However, because this is a corporation and is not a sole proprietorship, sending any legal documentation or filing suit MUST be done with an attorney. The reason is because your company is technically a separate legal entity and unless you yourself have a law degree and the ability to practice, your filing on behalf of the company would be considered a potential 'unauthorized practice of law'. That may get you fined and even criminally charged, and it would definitely dismiss the suit.

I am sorry!

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