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My residency and Drivers license is in GA, but I just moved

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My residency and Driver's license is in GA, but I just moved to TX. I am now looking to purchase a vehicle in Texas and reside in TX for a few years; Can I buy and register a vehicle in TX without changing my GA driver's license to TX, or am I obligated to change my residency?

Thank you

Chris T., JD :

Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.

Chris T., JD :

If you are going to be living in Texas, you are obligated to get at Texas DL. Once you move, you have 90 days to get your Texas DL.

Chris T., JD :

However, there is no legal requirement that you have a Texas DL to register a vehicle. In theory, you could register a vehicle in Texas before the 90 days has expired.

Customer: How about if I change my license to Texas, but bring my GA vehicle and not keep it as GA registered? Is it okay? The reason being that I do not think my vehicle would pass the TX emission test, and I do not want to go through all the trouble etc..
Customer: I meant keep it as GA license plate.
Chris T., JD :

If you are in Texas, you will eventually have to register it in Texas. You could, in theory, wait until it becomes expired and then register it in Texas, but you are going to eventually have to do it.

Customer: I will be living in Texas, but do not want to lose my GA residency because I don't know how long i will stay in Texas, maybe a year or 3 not sure yet.
Chris T., JD :

If you are there more than 90 days, you are legally obligated to get a Texas DL.

Chris T., JD :

If you don't, you could get a ticket.

Customer: How much does the ticket range from?
Chris T., JD :

It is less than $500. Typically, around $200.

Customer: Okay thanks! I will get on that ASAP.
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