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My daughter and husband have a real moisture problem in the

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My daughter and husband have a real moisture problem in the house they are renting which they didn't know about before they moved in and it is causing my daughter's allergies and asthma to increase. They have spent a fortune on Damp-Rid and she has gone to glasses because she can no longer wear contacts because of the allergies. They have asked to break their lease so they can move to a more environmental friendly place for my duaghter.

This morning the Realty company rep, the owner, and a moisture rep they brought told them that there was just low moisture and to buy a dehumidifier (which is basically what damp-rid is, on non-electrical) and no they would have to keep paying rent and bills if they moved out until someone else leased the house. My daughter is real concerned with her health and has decided to get notes from her Eye physician and her ENT physician backing up her asthma and allergy claims. She also would like to get an inspector of her own to give a second opinion. The vents are sealed shut to beneath the house. The owner is constantly (once a week ) coming over to check the well which caused their water to taste like chlorine. My daughter and son-in-law hired a legitimate yard service to come every two weeks but the owner wants them to get the neighbor to mow the yard (the neighbor has not offered). Do they have any other recourse or are these things a good start?

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High humidity is not a legitimate reason for breaking the lease. As the landlord stated a dehumidifier, and or air purifier could eliminate the problems you wife is experiencing.


You need to be aware if there is high dampness there may be a possibility of mold. You can have the property inspected for mold, or you can purchase some test kits from a home depot or Lows store. If the house has a mold problem then the landlord would have a limited time to repair the property and remediate the problem. He might be more agreeable on letting you out of lease. The law requires that the property be habitable.


If you are responsible for keeping the grass cut then you can continue to use the yard service or the kid down the street to cut the grass. The landlord cannot dictate how the grass is to get cut.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much. She does think there is a mold problem and she is very allergic to mold which is what brought all of this up. They only tested for moisture this morning so we'll try the tips

You are very welcome. If you have fuure questions just put for Jack R. in the question header.