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Demonstration in front of foreign embassy or UN head office Sorry

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Demonstration in front of foreign embassy or UN head office

Sorry I will first share a background before posting the real question. Please read the background first.

A few people from a foreign country have been protesting against violation of human right and property right of their country in front of its embassy(in US) and the United Nation head office in New York city. They do this because it is not legally permitted to demonstrate within their own country, a dictorship kind of government. The protesters demand that their privately owned real-estate freely taken away by the government in late 1960's be returned or fairly compensated. At the time when their properties were taken, the country was under the ruling of dictorship Mr. M who died in late 1970. But the country remains ruled by the same government until today. So far, the demonstrations do not generated expected impact and the diplomats of the country do not engage in any dialogs.
The protesters are thinking to touch a "hot button" to draw more attention.
What is the hot button? The country's current government cares about the reputation of their funding father, dictor Mr. M. However, Mr. M had unreputable extra-matrial affairs and had been using several young women to be his nurse and private secretary and at the same time, had many sexual relationship with them. The government not even does not allow these women(now in age 50's) to tell or write the book about the story of their relationship with the dictor Mr. M in order to not ruining Mr. M's reputation.
These demonstrators want to put up large size cartoon and artist's painting to disclose Mr. M's relationship with these women to draw attention from the diplomats. The question can they do this legally in US and to what extent can they put up graphic (including sexual art) on the street? Any U.S law? I mean to put such thing in front of U.N. Office and make the largest publicity to humilate Mr. M.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you again.

Portrayal of sexually graphic images in public can be a violation of the public decency laws, such as nude cartoons depicting graphically sexual acts. However, pictures of him engaging in acts where you block out anything that is sexually graphic. It is not illegal to expose these acts in public, in front of the UN or otherwise. As long as what they are displaying would be truthful and can be supported by facts, they could not be sued for defamation either, as he is a public figure.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do they have to seek permit from authority (i.e. of NY city) and show what art's work or drawing pictures to post? For example, the art's work may be like Mr. M in cartoon figure holding two cartoon women in bed. The art's work may even be in motion on electronic display. Even if without sexual/nude graph, everyone can tell it is about Mr. M's wild sexual behavior.


The embassy may accuse them of insulting the founding father. Is insulting the same as defamation? The country's government refuses to admit Mr. M's scandle in public. However, almost everyone in the country believe Mr. M's sexual behavior.


In addition, Mr. M's former personal medical doctor wrote a book disclosing part of his behavior. The book has been banned in the country. Since Mr. M was directly responsible for the loss of protester's private real-estate property, even if defamation exists, who can sue the protesters for damage? The women involved with Mr. M? If the foreign government file a legal complaint in U.S, they cannot afford to find out the truth because the process of the fact will be a huge humiliation to the nation's government.

Thank you for your response.

They do not need to show the artwork. They need only a permit to gather and march or protest, but what they have on the signs does not have to be approved by anyone. As long as there are no nude images or graphic sex acts shown they are not breaking the law with the signs.

Insulting is not illegal in the US. Defamation is the making of known false statements about another person. He is a public figure and thee are books supporting part of the behavior and you can prove the other part of the behavior and as such the statements are not known false.

Thus, as long as the protest is peaceful with all proper permits to gather and protest, there is nothing the embassy can do and it is legal.
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