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I am a doctoral student writing my dissertation. I completed

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I am a doctoral student writing my dissertation. I completed all of my dissertation units successfully and because I did, my Dissertation Chair scheduled me to defend my Dissertation Proposal. l was told verbally that I defended my Dissertation Proposal excellently. If a doctoral student fails, he or she is supposed to receive a written narrative stating why. I have not received the written narrative but was placed in another's Chair's class the same day that I was told that I passed the Defense. When I inquired about it, I was told that I failed and that I had to start over at Chapter One. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 must be successfully completed before the Chair schedules the student for the Defense.
I worked for more than a year to successfully complete chapters 1. 2, and 3. I successfully completed all of my work and I am also an A student. I have been going through channels trying to get someone to correct the injustice, but it appears that I am running around in a circle and everyone is protecting the Chair who obviously did me an injustice. My time is running out and I am trying to decide whether to continue going round and round or to seek legal help now. What do you think?

Hello there


When a college or university sets certain standards and procedures and disseminates those standards and procedures in writing to the student and faculty bodies as the official policies of the university or college, then that university or college is bound by law to follow their own "set in stone" procedures. It sounds to me like this university is not following their own policies and procedures when it came to the evaluation and grading of your doctoral dissertation. Under these circumstances you do have a right to hire a private education law attorney and pursue legal actions against the university and any professors who may be deliberately failing to follow the rules and procedures for whatever reason or another that they may have (this could very well be something personal or a personal grudge that the professor or department head has against you and you will not know what the reasoning is until someone lets you in on the reasoning regarding why they are intent on failing you in your dissertation). My suggestion here is to contact your local county bar association of attorneys and ask for a referral to some education lawyers in your area who handle disputes regarding secondary and higher education issues. The bar association should be able to give you several names of local education law specialist attorneys and you can speak with a few of them and perhaps hire the one you feel the most comfortable with. ANy lawyer you hire locally can start the process slow on your behalf and write a letter to the president of the university inquiring as to why you were not permitted to pass your dissertation and most importantly, WHY you have not received any information regarding your dissertation and WHY they have not permitted you to pass this portion of your education and move on. The lawyer can also get the state department of education involved due to violations of state and federal laws here that hold that when universities prepare and follow certain written policies and procedures then it is against the law from them to deviate from those policies and procedures that they make everyone follow from the moment you begin your education. The botXXXXX XXXXXne here is that they must have a reason and they must give you that reasoning while following their own procedures and if they do not follow their own procedures then you have the right to file a civil lawsuit against them in Flordia superior court.


Please let me know if you have further questions. THANK YOU




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