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I am an american living in Saudi Arabia, from a saudi mother

Customer Question

I am an american living in Saudi Arabia, from a saudi mother and father. I was born in Salt Lake city, . At the moment, I do not live in the US, our house was taken over by the mortgaging banks, however, I plan to go back soon. Should I register for the healthcare system although I live overseas. I may not need health services within the next year or so. What are the benefits/advantages or detriments/disadvantages of such registration?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

As of today, the Affordable Healthcare Act has yet to even be funded by Congress, so it is unknown if these healthcare plans will even be effective come January 1, 2014. The cost of the plans is determined by your age, state and the plan you choose on the website, so we cannot tell you what the cost is.

The only way this is a benefit to you is if you do not have health insurance already or your health insurance is more expensive than what is offered in the government plans. The government plan costs go up based on what type of coverage you choose and those are still being worked out.

The detriments is nobody knows how good these plans are going to be and do not even know the exact costs, since Congress has failed to fund the program and the costs may change after the first year.

Thus, you would have to register and select a plan and it will give you the costs for you decide and if it is too much then you can cancel your registration.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what is the worst that could happen? the congress does not fund the healthcare! Could the healthcare plan be cancelled, revised?Are there age limits or cost limits based on sickness or anything else?

Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your response.

The worst that could happen is the policies would be cancelled and the plan is available to everyone they have no price plans on line yet. It is to be provided though without consideration of prior conditions.