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I have a news team coming to my house to fo a news story about

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I have a news team coming to my house to fo a news story about my brother who is in a mental hospital. They want to release him even though he is saying the same things that he did when he attacked someone. Can I say the hospitals name, doctors name and social workers name if what I am saying is true about their misconduct and how they have not done their job?
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As long as what you say is true, then they would not be able to prevail in a defamation claim against you. To
prevail in a defamation suit for libel or slander and recover damages, a person
("Person A") must prove 4 things: (i) another person ("Person B") conveyed a
defamatory message they knew or should have known to be false; (ii) the
material was published (i.e., conveyed to someone other than Person A); (iii)
Person A can be identified as the person referred to in the defamatory material; and (iv) Person A suffered an injury to Person A's reputation as a result of the communication. As you can see, in order to be subject to a defamation claim, you would have to say something you know or should know is false. As long as what you are saying is the truth, you would have no liability for talking about and/or identifying these specific people and/or organizations.

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