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I was violently assaulted resulting in my attacker being found

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I was violently assaulted resulting in my attacker being found guilty in the county of Monterey CA . The assault occurred in June, 2011, and of course the legal resolution did not occur until the following spring. Restitution was just resolved appx. 90 days ago. I swore (to myself!) I would not file a civil suit, because of how painful the Criminal Trial was on me. I am still on disability due to PTSD, and had to give up my 6 figure job, etc. etc. ANYWAY... my question is, because the courts did declare this a Domestic Violence case, is my statute of limitations to file a Civil suit still active?? In addition, I have been residing in Florida since the attack... how do I find the right type of attorney in Monterey County??

Generally, assault and battery has a statute of limitations of two years. However, in a domestic violence case the statute of limitations is three years, so you still have some time to pursue a civil claim:

(see 340.15).

We cannot recommend specific lawyers here but if you need help finding one I would suggest you use a directory like It allows you to search by practice area (personal injury would include cases like yours) and by location. Once you get some names and numbers, you can call around and see if you can do a telephone consultation until you find one you are comfortable with.
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