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nd I worked the last 12 years for a company based in texas.

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nd I worked the last 12 years for a company based in texas. I have been running a shop in ND for the last 10. A couple years ago one of my customers requested that we start hauling our own extra water for the job we do. when I asked one of the brothers/owners of the company if we were going to get a trailer and water tank he said no. the other brother thought we should so with the agreement (verbal) that I would just add a fee for trailer on to the job field ticket and I would just bill my company, I bought a trailer. well I was paid for its use for over a year and a half before I decided that I could no longer work for these two because they had no desire for co. growth and I was having to put in well overv 100 hrs per week for long enough with no help. Anyway there are a couple of outstanding bills for water trailer totaling 14,000 dollars and I need to know if I have a case or not.
, because they say they don't have to pay me
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Yes, you would have a claim of breach of contract. It is a common misconception that you need a written contract to hold someone to an agreement.

First, you have their verbal agreement on the issue of paying these bills for the trailer. Second, you have the equitable argument of unjust enrichment, in that they made a promise which might not technically rise to the specifications of a contract, but upon which you reasonable relied, to your detriment (you bought the trailer based on their promise.).
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