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if the seller put the wrong name on the bill of sale and it

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if the seller put the wrong name on the bill of sale and it has already been given to that person with the wrong name. How can the seller correct the bill of sale to put the actual purchaser's name on the bill of sale.
I have had a verbal contract with an ex girlfriend that I will own a dog at my house and she already owns a cat at her house, and she agreed.
She found a dog for me, I thought about it for a while before I would make the purchase. I later agreed to purchase the dog for sale and she notified the seller for me that I will purchase it. I traveled about 5hrs round trip and spent $300.00 of my own money and I alone met up with the seller and her husband and completed the transaction/purchase and seller gave ownership and current shot records to me. My ex girlfriend, behind my back, manipulated the seller to send her the bill of sale with her name on it over a month or 2 by now. I recently found this out and currently notified the seller that I was the one that purchased the dog, I handed you the money, and you handed ownership of the dog to me. You should have written the bill of sale with the purchaser's name on it not someone else's. If I the purchaser want to give ownership to someone else I will give them a bill of sale and transfer ownership. The seller wrote a wrong bill of sale and put an incorrect name on it, by manipulation of a third party. Could the seller write a new bill of sale, explaining the previous mistake, and state any previous bill of sale is null and void, and clarify the true purchaser's name and clarify that ownership belongs to the true ownership's name, and also have that one notarized? My ex girlfriend was taking my dog to get groomed and I gave her money to pay, she also agreed she was bringing the dog back to me at a certain time. Time has passed and confirmed she has no intention in giving my property back and now my property has been stolen (yesterday). Today I went to get my dog with the help of officers, and she presented a bill of sale in her name, that I didn't know existed, to show ownership and her name as the purchaser. The seller agreed they got manipulated because I was using her and her computer to make contact for the purchase and assumed she was the purchaser, because (again behind my back) she told the seller that I will purchase and or my boyfriend (at the time) will be picking up the dog. when really my ex has no money and hasn't had a job for about a year. Can the seller fix? What do you suggest to fix this problem and give the true and rightful purchaser ownership back. The dog has been living with me for over a month, and I have documentation at the vet that I am the owner and paid for shots, the second and final shots are coming due. Please help !!!
Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to answer your question

I am very sorry to hear about this very unfortunate situation and as a pet owner I can understand the pain and suffering this situatiuon has caused you.

Unfortunately, given the facts that you have described, someone in your position would have to file a small claims lawsuit for the return of the dog and to prove true ownership and all evidence and witnesses, such as the seller can examined by the judge and hopefully the judge will see through all the scams and manipulations that your ex has done and will award the ownership of the dog back to you.

I wish you the best of luck and please let me know if you have any related follow up questions.
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