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How can I get harassing phone calls to stop. Mother in law

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How can I get harassing phone calls to stop. Mother in law makes calls to my daughter and sister all hours of the night. She makes racist remarks. I am married to her middle son age 65, if she does not get his attention at least three times a day she calls my family to talk about me. We are an interracial couple, He is African American and I am an irish American.

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question. I'll be glad to assist.

Hi my name is Debi

Kirk Adams : Thanks Debi. The most effective thing is likely to file a telephone harassment charge against the mother in law.
Kirk Adams : The court can issue a restraining order against her and order her to make no contact via phone (or any other medium if you wish).
Kirk Adams : This is the only way to legally stop her calls.

I want to, but my daughter and my sister don't want to do that in fear of putting a strain on me and my husbands marriage, I would like to know what I can do?

Kirk Adams : Well, it's probably not going to help anything on that level! But, her doing what she is doesn't really help things either.

My husband and I live in Ma.

Kirk Adams : This is the only LEGAL act you could take to stop her actions.

My husband and I are in an agreement something needs to be done, but his brother has power of attorney and just wants to let it go

Kirk Adams : It may be possible to informally try to work something out, go to counseling, etc., but the only sure way would be by filing telephone harassment charges against her with the local court.
Kirk Adams : A power of attorney has nothing to do with this issue.......

Can I do this for my family?

Kirk Adams : You can do it for yourself -- each of them would have to file their own action.

I have changed my phone number so I will not deal with her. They will not file charges against her. They are trying to be conciderate for us, I tried to tell them to do something, but she just won't stop.


She will not go to counseling, she thinks she is right with what she is doing and will not admit she is doing anything wrong.

Kirk Adams : It's likely that the only thing that will stop this is court order.

Can I go to the D.A.S


sorry about that pushed the wrong button


What I wanted to ask that ,Can I go to PA. D.A's office to file charges on our behalph?

Kirk Adams : You can go to the court clerk's office and file on your own.

Do I have to file in PA? Or can I file here in Ma?

Kirk Adams : You would have to file where she is in order for the court to have jurisdiction over her.

Can I file a report with her telephone co.?

Kirk Adams : It likely won't do much good as they can't stop her.

Thank you for your help. I will get in touch with the Pa's court. Is there any other legal advice you can help me with regarding racial remarks and threats?

Kirk Adams : Getting a restraining order should take care of this all and stop the contact and threats.
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