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This guy from W.V. looked my siblings and I on facebook and

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This guy from W.V. looked my siblings and I on facebook and said we all own apart of some property from my dads side of the family. He wants to drill on the property. He sent all of us a lease, but I countered the lease and he excepted the counter but wants to have an addendum attached with the lease he sent. I told him that we wanted a new lease with the terms he agreed to and no addendum. I am afraid he is not being honest because he sais the addendum is between the company and all of us? What should I do?


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to discussing this and providing you information in this regard

You have something he wants. And so you are in control. I suggest you can write a new lease and then forward that to him for his review and signature. Don't sign it until he does. But if you want a new lease then stick to that.

I hope that this information is helpful. If you need further information, please just send me a reply asking for clarification. After that, I hope you will enter a positive rating so that I will be credited for assisting you. Also, be sure to verify this information with a local attorney who is familiar with your local laws and procedures. Thanks again for using this service. Your business is appreciated.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you and I will stick to my guns.Winktitle="Wink"/> Is an addendum a leagle document that is recorded by the county?


Yes, an addendum can be part of a legal document and it is recorded with the lease.

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