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Speeding ticket.... 60 in a 45, no big deal, but... cop gave

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Speeding ticket.... 60 in a 45, no big deal, but... cop gave me a computer print out for ticket, my name and lisc. ... not my car or tag #, obviously did not clear from last ticket. What to do... ticket is BS anyway... was passing in legal passing zone, car in front doing 35 in 45, trun sigs and all... legal pass was never in question.... should I lolly gag or get back in lane asap? was told clocked AS passing.

Unfortunately, the fact that your car or tag number is XXXXX is highly unlikely to get you a dismissal. There is the occasional judge who might, but the car you were driving is entirely irrelevant to the speed issue. As long as the officer can point to you in court and state at what speed he clocked you in what zone, then that is all that is really relevant. If you have a good driving record it may be worth it for you to go to court to see if you can work out a better deal. Given the circumstances, the judge may be willing to reduce your fine, or the amount by which you were speeding, or some similar benefit. And if the officer doesn't show up you may be able to get a dismissal. However, if you have a bad driving record it may not be worth your time to show up. I can't tell you what to do is up to you to evaluate whether you want to try for a better outcome. But unfortunately the typo on the car information is not likely to benefit you. Sorry I can't give you better news on that issue.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, first ticket in seven years... last was expired tag. Ga needs renewed on b'day thought I had till end of month.. dang early month b'days... seems all mine are on the fringes.... oh well, guess it's my turn... again.

Given how much time has elapsed you should get a break from the court if you do go. There's never a guarantee but since you have a good record and were trying to pass it might get you some mercy from the court.