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Hello, My wife, Karla Hogan, is a Christian speaker, author

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My wife, Karla Hogan, is a Christian speaker, author and singer and has a website at Today, our 15-year-old daughter was searching the Internet for a photo of her mom so she typed in 'Karla Hogan' into Google. Under images, this horrific mocked up photo came up of my wife's head on a uniform with a swasticka. The image is on this page: toward the bottom. The direct link to the photo is:

I am at a loss for how to get this photo and page to be removed from Google's search results.

Please advise.

Thank you,

Greg Hogan [email protected]

Dwayne B. :

Hello and thank you for contacting us. This is Dwayne B. and I’m an expert here and looking forward to assisting you today. If at any point any of my answers aren’t clear please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

Dwayne B. :

There is no real way to remove an image from Google's database without a court order.

Dwayne B. :

Google is indexing the website and that's how the photo got on there.

Dwayne B. :

She would have to first sue the website that has the picture posted on it, then find out who the poster is and include them in the lawsuit, then force them to remove the photo from the site.

Dwayne B. :

I can't comment on whether you would be successful in that lawsuit or not because it requires an in depth review of the complete facts to determine whether this is protected speech or not.


Isn't there an avenue we can take with Google to have the image/page removed from their search results?

Dwayne B. :

You may also gain some headway by contacting CNN and informing them of the trademark infringement.

Dwayne B. :

You can sue Google but you're going to have to spend a fortune and end up having the website and the other person involved anyway.

Dwayne B. :

So you spend more money to achieve the same result.

Dwayne B. :

Let me see if I can find the Google page for you. I helped someone else with a similar issue recently.

Dwayne B. :

Why did you issue a Poor Service rating? I gave you absolutely correct information.

Dwayne B. :

Never mind, I'm not interested in assisting you any more. Someone else may choose to, so I will opt out. Whether you like my answer or not, it is correct as you will find out if you choose to pursue this.

Hello. I am very sorry to hear of this issue. In this age of the world wide web and social media, unfortunately these things happen to people often. Luckily there is a remedy. As you may be aware, Google is unable to censor content that may become available on the Google site. So, they cannot be held responsible for most of the photos, articles, videos, etc. that are posted by others. The first thing you will want to try is to go to the site where the offensive photograph is posted and contact the site's webmaster. You can simply request that they take down the photograph or further action will be taken. You can find more infomation on how to contact a site's webmaster here: From a legal standpoint, it can be argued that the photos present your wife in a false light. Therefore you have every right to request that the photos be removed. Next, you will need to formally request that the content be removed. You can find more information about that here: and here:


With regard to removing content from Google search results, more information can be found here:


Based on the information you provided, you should be able to get the offensive content removed from the site quickly and without expense. I can imagine how frustrating this is and it is your wife's legal right to protect her image especially considering that she is in the public eye. I wish you the best and feel free to ask follow up questions.

Advocate4You, Attorney
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 115
Experience: Experienced attorney specializing in mortgage fraud and other legal issues.
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