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Hello, My brother has become disabled and requires a power

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My brother has become disabled and requires a power of attorney for his financial issues. He is mentally competent. I already have the forms filled out and have contacted a notary to meet us at the group home where my brother reside. Is that all that is required to make it a legal document or should be have a lawyer present.
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Yes, you only need to fill out the proper forms and have them signed and notarized.

It is absolutely unnecessary to have an attorney present for the signing and notarization of the documents. (And, indeed, it would probably be quite costly to hire an attorney even for this small transaction). An attorney is also definitely not needed to make legal documents, and thanks to downloadable forms and other online services, it is becoming easier for people to prepare their own legal documents. (There's already more than enough attorneys in this country, and if that requirement existed, there'd definitely be way too many attorneys).

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