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If I am afraid for my life/ bodily harm from a demented spouse

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If I am afraid for my life/ bodily harm from a demented spouse can the state of NH force me to apply for Medicaid if I refuse to bring him home? He is in the gp unit at Elliot hospital for the second time in 4 months

Kirk Adams : Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question. I'll be glad to assist.
Kirk Adams : The state cannot force you to apply for medicaid, but if you refuse to bring him home, he's going to have to be placed in a facility of some sort, and if he doesn't have some type of insurance, medicare or medicaid, etc., then someone would have to cover the costs.
Kirk Adams : If he has mental issues, then the best thing would be to speak to the county government agency in charge of commitments. The hospital could help you get in touch with those people.
Kirk Adams : However, eligibility for medicaid is based on household income - - not individual income:
Customer: He has Medicare but if he is considered dangerous (his dr has already implied they may not be able to guarantee anyone in our homes safety) how can they not find an alternative solution? Dr already suggested Medicaid saying sometimes we just have to make sacrifices - beginning to feel as if gov & medical community inbred with each other - also no com
Customer: Ncern for 18year old granddaughter who lives with us
Kirk Adams : The alternative is to have him committed.
Kirk Adams : Here's a good link to the commitment process:
Customer: not easy instate of NH. I am his guardian but could notcommithim without. Court order. Thanks for your input
Kirk Adams : An INVOLUNTARY commitment takes a court order - - but that's the case in any state.
Kirk Adams : Usually, every county has a staff attorney that can perform commitments on behalf of citizens.
Kirk Adams : Thanks for allowing me to assist, and please let me know if you have any additional questions.
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