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I posted my resume online. A man contacted me by text message

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I posted my resume online. A man contacted me by text message offering me position as a receptionist/secretary. said he needed me to send him my information and picture to make sure I was the person from the application. He then called me and we spoke briefly over phone and he said wanted to meet with me for an interview. He said he would text me the information and email contact and all that. Then he texts me and asks me if I can meet him at the hardrock that night and we could discuss the position over drinks but I couldn't. and then he said to meet Monday morning, but when I asked location of his office, he said he doesn't show anyone his office until they're hired and he wants to meet at a mall. Thing is this man has been texting me all weekend. I reply quick, short, cold answers and he keeps finding ways to keep texting me. He even text me from another number. I'm scared he isn't who he says he is and is a stalker. I'm scared if I don't go meet him that I'll get him mad and he has my phone number and will just keep calling me from other numbers. But if I do go and he isn't who he says he is if he might do something?

LADYLAWYER : Hello, Thanks for your question! I look forward to helping you today. Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADYLAWYER : This is not a safe way to make contacts for a potential job prospect at all. This is highly unusual and I would strongly suggest that you do not go to meet this person and that you tell him to stop contacting you right away.
LADYLAWYER : If he does not stop contacting you, then you need to file a police report.

thank you i thought it was weird also that he would contact me that way, i told him it is not normal


he event sent me good morning texts and good night texts which is weird, he tld me was professional and was for business but he sounds like a stalker


i wasnt sure if that was enough though to go to police

LADYLAWYER : It is not normal at all. Asking for the picture from the beginning was strange enough, but the rest of what he is asking makes this very dangerous.
LADYLAWYER : You need to tell him to stop contacting you first.
LADYLAWYER : If he keeps contacting you after that, file the report. You can just go into your local station and do that.
LADYLAWYER : Being a stalker would be the most tame thing. He may be a rapist or a murderer. Trust your instincts here and cut off contact with himASAP.

Thank you. I will do that.


I'm just scared he will start calling from another number posing as someone else.


If he does, I will contact the police

LADYLAWYER : Yes. And you can tell him you are doing so as well.
LADYLAWYER : You will tell them you are being cyber stalked (stalking by text, phone, email, etc.) and ask to file a report.
LADYLAWYER : If you have more questions about this, please feel free to come back to this question and ask me. No further charge.
LADYLAWYER : Can I answer anything else for you at the moment?
LADYLAWYER : It was my pleasure to assist you this evening! If you have no further questions, would you kindly leave me a positive (smiley face) service rating before you go? This costs you nothing further to do. Thank you!
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