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Hi my question is if a friend of mine has this friend that

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Hi my question is if a friend of mine has this friend that I have never met and is using like slandering or profanity against me what should I do about this situation and what legal action should I do

What exactly are they saying and to whom? And how are they using profanity? Via text/email/phone to you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It's like this my friend Jamie is telling me that her friend nick is calling me names like asshole, and other things and its through via text message
Thank you for the additional information.

Unfortunately, someone calling you names behind your back is not the basis for a lawsuit or a criminal complaint. If it were, I think everyone in this country would be on the hook for saying something at some point in their lives. If this friend of a friend were to send to you a series of text messages including profanity, then you might have a criminal complaint against him for harassment. And to prove defamation in a civil case, which includes slander and libel, you have to prove that the person made an untrue statement about you that caused you damage. For example, if you worked for a bank and the guy told your bosses that you were stealing money, this would likely qualify as defamation because the statement caused you professional harm. Opinions do not qualify as defamation either. So unfortunately, legally there is nothing you can do about someone airing their opinions, profane or not, to someone else. Sorry I can't give you better news.
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