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On October 28, 2011, I had a set of wedding rings, worth about

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On October 28, 2011, I had a set of wedding rings, worth about $35,000, stolen by housekeeping staff at Byson City, NC's Sleep Inn Hotel. In my opinion, the local police department handled the situation VERY badly from the beginning, possibly negligently. I have been informed by them that the case is inactive (with so many questions left unanswered and other case management left unattended). It has been nearly two years and I am concerned that my time for legal recourse will expire (two years, I understand). I am 68 years old and have never sued anybody, but am now ready to do so. I feel that the hotel and the police department were possibly negligent and would like some advice from an attorney, regarding a possible course of action. With numerous phone calls, I have tried to find an attorney in that end of North Carolina, but to-date have had no luck. I would appreciate and opportunity to speak to someone on the phone, if possible.

It is possible that you may have a claim. Lawyers have crafted lawsuits in cases based on a failure to investigate against the individual officers for negligence and civil rights violations, and against municipalities and police departments where the failure to investigate is part of a policy that is established at those levels. These cases are fairly difficult to prove, however, as the mere fact that they did not find the perpetrator does not mean they were negligent or failed to investigate. Sometimes there is no evidence and there's not much that they can do. If you want to pursue this further, your best bet is to contact a civil attorney who specializes in personal injury and/or civil rights in the city where your items were taken. If you need assistance finding one you can use an attorney directory like They will likely be aware as to whether there is a pervasive institutional problem that leads to investigation failures that might open up the larger entities to liability. These cases are also somewhat complicated because government entities and officials have certain immunities so you need someone who is familiar with these and can try to find ways around them if possible.
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