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Category: Legal
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Experience:  14 years experience in representing clients, current member of legalshield, legal club of america, NYSUT and UFT attorney
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Hello Everytime I call my lawyer for a case update , she asks

Resolved Question:

Everytime I call my lawyer for a case update , she asks for more money. I understand that there are fees involved but now I am even scare of calling her. Can I ask her for a break down ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  WALLSTREETFIGHTER replied 4 years ago.


Hello and welcome. My name isXXXXX am a Licensed practicing attorney and my goal is to provide you with excellent service today.


You can ask for a breakdown of fees, if you are being billed hourly, every month the attorney should be providing you with a statements of feed,


Also, every time you call the attorney you would be billed as well,


if the attorney fails to provide you with an accurate monthly bill, you can file a complaint with the state or local bar association,


and the attorney would have to justify his actions and bill to the bar,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well I still need her and I don't want to piss her off
But it has been several months now and I didn't see no result yet but she keeps asking for money. So it is a normal practice to ask for a break down, right ?
Expert:  WALLSTREETFIGHTER replied 4 years ago.
Yes, it is normal practice, and under the legal code an attorney should provide you a detailed bill every month.

The FL bar association provides you with these rights,
and if the attorney is violating these he is wrong and a complaint can be made. If you ask for an itemized bill he has to show it to you


When I retain a lawyer, I am entitled to one who:

1. WILL be capable of handling my case.

2. WILL represent me zealously and seek any lawful means to present or defend my case.

3. WILL preserve my confidences, secrets or statements which I reveal in the course of our relationship.

4. WILL give me the right to make the ultimate decision on the objectives to be pursued in my case.

5. WILL charge me a reasonable fee and tell me, in advance of being hired and upon my request, the basis of that fee.

6. WILL show me courtesy and consideration at all times.

7. WILL exercise independent professional judgment in my behalf, free from compromising influences.

8. WILL inform me periodically about the status of my case and, at my request, give me copies of documents prepared.

9. WILL exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct.

10. WILL refer me to other legal counsel, if he or she cannot properly represent me.
WALLSTREETFIGHTER and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you sir