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My sister passed away October 29, 2011. There are four surviving

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My sister passed away October 29, 2011. There are four surviving syblings. One of the syblings came up with a will naming her the sole heir of the deceasd's estate. This will is presently being contested as to its validity in the Cook County Illinois probate court. The sister that passed away hated with a passion one of the syblings and would never want any of her estate go to this person (we all knew that).
However, I understand, that if this will contest is successfull, and the so called will is thrown out, that this person would receive an equal share. Is there any way that this person can be excluded from receiving anything from the deceased person's estate?

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If the will contest is successful and the will is thrown out, it will be as if your sister passed away without a will, what the law calls "intestate". When a decedent passes away intestate, then the intestacy laws take effect. So, if your sister did not have a husband or children and you and your other siblings are the only next of kin living heirs, then all of you would share equally. I am sorry to say this, but the sister that she did not like will also share equally because that is what the Illinois Intestacy law requires,



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