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while at work one day I felt an odd feeling in my chest after

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while at work one day I felt an odd feeling in my chest after careful self diagnosis I was not sure if it was a chest muscle spasm or what I followed protocol and called our national certified nurse number she explained to me that she felt that it was from dehydration, but she would not close that assumption over the phone that I should go to the er to be check out.
fortunately it was not cardiac but my employer released me for the day following the er's advice for no work for twenty four hours.
so a month later I receive a bill for fifty some dollars from the hospital net work for a chest xray?. the hospital had gave me information on how to contact them if my employer forwards me a bill for charges at the er they stated that it should be a compensated by my employer.
Hello and thank you for your question.

Sometimes the hospital facility bill, radiology bill and physician bill come separately from separate billing companies. It seems that the radiology bill made its way to you because they may not have had your insurance or employer information, and it slipped through. This happens sometimes.

Usually there is a phone number on the bill to call with any issues. You may want to call and explain that you were advised that the service should be covered by your employer, confirm the information of your employer with them and ask them to resubmit the bill to your employer. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you may want to contact the HR person at your employer who handles benefits and request that they take care of the invoice. The billing company will likely give you time to resolve the issue, as long as they know that you are working on getting the bill paid. If your employer paid the hospital ER bill and physician bill, there is no reason to believe that the radiology bill would not be covered.

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions.
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