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Finders Keepers rule of law, found an exspensive mans wedding

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Finders Keepers rule of law, found an exspensive man's wedding band at Valley Forge Casino, turned it in right away and they said they would hold it for 30 days. No-one has claimed it yet, Sept. 16th makes 30 days. Do I the founder of the ring have rights to the ring if not claimed???

Hello there --


The law of lost property in PA is actually based upon the old childhood schoolyard nursery rhyme "finder's keepers" so you are not off track on that assumption. The law for this is not set out in any statute book -- it is derived from case law on the subject that has come down in cases throughout the years since colonial times in the US. There are about 20 states that have actually passed laws addressing this issue and basically, it works like this: If a piece of tangible property or money is found, the finder is required to turn it over to the local police or other authority who would administer a local "lost & found" desk -- the property stays at that location for the period of days set forth in the statute and then if it remains unclaimed, the person who turned it into the authorities should be contacted and given the property. In Pennsylvania, case law does not state the actual number of days that the property must be held in order for it to be considered abandoned. So, under your state laws you will be entitled to claim the property after 30 days. However, it sounds to me like the party holding the property may give you some trouble with these matters and if that is the case and he will not turn the watch over to you then you should contact the local police dept and ask them to assist you with these matters (the company may be willing to turn it over to the police at that point and the police will most likely turn it over to you and give you a receipt for it so that you can keep it). Here is another article to assist you with your personal quest for the property to be given to you in PA (it is about the "finder's keeper's" law in PA) --


I hope that this all helps.




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