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Hi, My name isXXXXXve been on my job for a little over

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My name isXXXXX been on my job for a little over five years. At the present time I'm being harassed and bullied and I'm not sure how or where to go to get advice on how to
handle this situation. I will appreciate any help you can give me.
Hello Jewell, I will be happy to try to assist you.

Before i can do so, can you please provide me with examples of how you are being harassed and how you are being bullied? Some behavior is permitted at work and some is not. For example your supervisor 'harassing' you over getting your work done is not in any way illegal or improper, so I am just trying to undertand the situation and best respond to your concerns. Thank you!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was written up because I was putting rest results in the computer and didn't turn around and look her in her face when I answered her. By me not giving out test results on patient's bed number without a patients name and account number they retaliate by writing me up.


Thank you for your follow-up. Were you formally informed that you had to provide the test results in a specific manner? Also, were you asked to turn around to speak with your superior and you failed to do so, or were you doing something as you were speaking which kept you from turning around? So far I am not quite seeing anything actionable, which is why I am asking for more clarification, thank you!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My job title is specific due to the extensive test I run. Honestly it requires my full and undivided attention. I do my best to stay focused.


I am considered the oldest among my pears and I personal feel I am subjected because I am able to my perform duties as complimentary as someone younger. My specific job tittle is detrimental to doctors, patients, and other technicians.


Maybe there are some who feel as if I shouldn't hold the important position I have, some may even want my position. I feel as if I'm being instigated to make a bad decision so that they can be rid of me.


I have no reason to cause problems or make enemies, I am there to do my job to best of my abilities. There are people at my job who don't want me to do my best..


I have almost 40 years of work experience...which is double to what half the people in my department have. To those who oppose me and my work, my experience alone is or can be considered to them as a threat


Thank you for your follow-up. Now you have mentioned some information that can truly be useful. You mentioned your age and your extensive experience. That may be the issue, or at least part of it. Please allow me to point out factors that I see, both favorable to you and likewise unfavorable so that you can make the best decision for yourself going forward.

1. Under federal law there is an Act called ADEA or the "Age Discrimination in Employment Act", which expressly bars discrimination of employees 40 years of age of older, treating them differently than other employees, bullying them, or terminating or disciplining them in ways that younger employees are not treated. If that is what you believe is going on, consider going to HR and filing for a complaint. Then, also consider contacting the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and filing a grievance over hostile work environment and retaliation claims.

2. The reason I was having such difficulty answering your question at first is because what you deemed to be 'harassment' to be appeared to be general rights of a superior. A superior can request that you speak at them when you communicate (unless you are truly busy and cannot look way). A superior can likewise demand results to be reduced to writing in a specific manner or request that the job be performed in a specific way provided it does not violate any laws or regulations. I do not know if this was a misunderstanding on both sides or not, but if you do feel you are being picked on due to age and experience, then in that instance you do have recourse that I have suggested.

Hope that helps.

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