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I found out on a county court web site in Minnesota,that it

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I found out on a county court web site in Minnesota,that it possible for a married couple to dissolve their marriage through paperwork alone, that is, without either of them appearing before a judge in a hearing, under the following conditions:
a) Both spouses are in agreement on all issues.
b) Neither spouse has children.
c) Both spouses are willing to sign the appropriate forms in front of a notary.
I also did the same search in Iowa, and I think that the result was the same.
My supposed friend, who has been a professor in a Minnesota law school, and is currently a professor in an Iowa law school, tells me that it is not possible to find out whether the above is the case in Minnesota and/or in Iowa, except by doing a computer search. That is, the law concerning divorce cannot be researched through physical books, not even in a law school. Reliable research concerning the law on divorce is simply impossible without doing a computer search. Is this true?
I disagree with the professor. Access to a law library is all that is needed, not necessarily access to a computer.

Having access to a computer based legal research database like Westlaw or Lexis is nice, but it is not necessary as long as you have access to a decent law library.

I hope this information is helpful.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Could you give me a rough estimate of how many U.S. states allow dissolution of marriage without a hearing before a judge but just by paperwork alone? My supposed friend the law school professor told me that there are very few places where paperwork alone is sufficient for a divorce. He suggested the venue of the Dominican Republic or Guam, and said that they are among the very few venues that allow paperwork only divorces.

I cannot research this question for every State but I believe that more than half of the States allow a summary disolution procedure where the marriage was of short duration, and there are not any children of the marriage and the parties are in agreement as to all property issues.

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