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do the attorney general guidelines of north Carolina have written

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do the attorney general guidelines of north Carolina have written guidelines on the conduct of police officers ? If so what are they?
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No, unfortunately, the Attorney General has no written guidelines on the conduct of police officers.

The Department of Justice of North Carolina has training and standards, including Criminal Justice Standards and Sheriff's Standards, but those don't relate to police officer conduct.

Each police agency would have its own internal rules however, and police officers can be disciplined for violating these rules.

Do you have a specific question as to a particular officer's conduct?

Please let me know if you have any clarifying questions as I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with my service.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Joseph, thank you for your response. Does the concord police dept of north Carolina have written internal rules governing the conduct of its sworn officers during the performance of their duties. if so, what are they? where can I find them?


Hello Steven,


Unfortunately, if they do (which they probably do) they are internal rules and will not be readily accessible to members of the public. They are definitely not available on the internet. If you have a complaint about how a particular officer treated you, you should contact them directly to file a complaint against the office.


The police department will conduct an internal investigation on suspicions of misconduct and will report back to you on their findings and the result. You can also ask the police department for any rules on officer conduct, but they aren't obligated to provide you with these.

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This is their customer service numbers, which you should call to inquire about the guidelines and to make a complaint:

Information Desk/Customer Service
(704) 920-5000
or (704) 920-5018
This is from their website:

How do I file a complaint against an employee of the Police Department?

We respond to all complaints against our coworkers. You may call (704) 920-5000 and ask for any supervisor or fill out a complaint form with Customer Service. Someone will contact you in a few days.