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What process do I follow to be able to sell abondoned salvage/unflyable

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What process do I follow to be able to sell abondoned salvage/unflyable Airplane? WE purchased a hanger about 3 years ago and an abandonded airplandowner was in there when we bought it. We have tried to contact the owner and send him rental agreement and bills with no answere. He does live in the community. It is in salvage shape and we wanted to sell the parts. How do we go aout taking owner ship?
Thank you XXXXX from Heitz Angel Air Services, LLC

Thelawman2 :

What you would need to do is place a levy on the airplane seeking appropriate storage fees for the abandoned airplane. At that point, if the owner does not seek to pay the outstanding fees, then the airplane will be sold to reimburse you for reasonable storage fees. To figure out a proper amount, you could look at the storage costs offered by other warehouses/airports. You may find that the storage fees you could seek were more than the salvage value of the plane.


How and where do I go to place a levy on the airplane?

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