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I do not have a skype account, but I was woken up by my local

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I do not have a skype account, but I was woken up by my local police, 10 cop cars Thursday and Friday at 3:00 am from some kid that called from (XXX) XXX-XXXX but somehow made it so it looked like the call came from within my house. This specific kid, 17 years old.... Did it to 10 different families last week because he thinks it's funny!!! He does this ALL the time, and then he uploads the actual 911 call to you tube. He calls pretending to be the son of the family and states that his father is beating his mother, she's not moving and now I hear my dad getting the gun out of the safe. What can be done about this, because he WILL continue to do this because he thinks it's funny! Thank you

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Hello. So sorry to hear of this. It is annoying at a minimum and frightening, no doubt, when the police come calling in the middle of the night!


Before I respond, can you tell where this is happening? Laws are different in different places, so to give you good information, I need to know the where of it.


Many thanks.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I live in North Carolina but I have no idea where this kid lives, the only info i have on him his is his twitter name, it says queens ny, but I'm sure that is not his correct state in which he lived in

That is ok. The main thing I needed to know as the country. Since this is under US Law, it is covered by the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009. This law gives the Federal Communications Commission power to investigate and sanction those who "cause harm" by engaging in fake caller id transmissions, otherwise known as "Spoofing."


The thing is, the FCC's acts as an administrative agency, not law enforcement, so its not a criminal thing that the police can handle. Still, the fact that the penalty is not criminal does not make it any less significant. Those found to engage in Spoofing can face fines of 10 thousand dollars for each violation of the rules.


Here's a link to an FCC form for reporting the matter:


You can read more about it at:


I wish you every success in finding some calm amid this obnoxious prank.



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