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My sons boss is being investigated for racketeering or something

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My son's boss is being investigated for racketeering or something similar. My son voluntarily talked to the FBI agent in charge and was told that he would be protected if he cooperated. He was also asked to bring in his computer tower. Now we are all leery that my son may become collateral damage in this case even though he's done nothing wrong. Does he need representation or will that make his appear guilty or uncooperative. Will it cause the agent to become angry and aggressive?

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Only the DA can offer someone immunity. If he wants to be sure that he will not be charged with or accused of doing something illegal, the way to do that is to negotiate with the DA. Police can say things like "We'll protect you," but they don't really have the ability to follow through.

The FBI would probably prefer that he didn't have a lawyer, because it would be easier to get him to admit to wrong-doing if he doesn't have one. But the lawyer is looking out for his best interests and does have the ability to help negotiate immunity, so it may be a good idea to sit down with someone local. Having a lawyer doesn't necessarily mean that you're guilty - it just means that you're protecting your rights. Innocent people get tricked into making statements that can be twisted to seem incriminating, just like a guilty person can. The most important thing for him to remember is that the FBI not looking out for his best interests. If he is remotely concerned that they'll try to pin something on him, he'll want to get a signed immunity promise from the DA.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Should he take in his computer today as expected or call to tell them he is waiting to talk to an attorney? He had agreed to Friday to bring it in today.


If they're expecting it sometime today, he may want to talk to a local attorney this morning if at all possible. He might be able to find someone to go with him today. He would also have the option of giving them the computer but refusing to answer questions, or he could ask them if he could talk to the US Attorney before he goes into the office.
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