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Dimitry K., Esq.
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Hi. My husband is a physically disabled man. We have been

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Hi. My husband is a physically disabled man. We have been vendors at a craft fair for 15+ years. The owner of the ranch has been trying to stop us from selling there at his venue for the past several years. The previous vendor coordinator had told the owner for five years that he could not stop us from selling there, because my husband could sue them. The previous vendor coordinator then retired from his position. The very next year (2013) we were sent a letter stating that our space has been eliminated due to the Fire Marshals request. We lobbied for a different space, and were told that we were not allowed back. Since that time, we have learned from another vendor that our space was being rented to him. My husband has one leg and cannot wear a prosthetic and he walks on crutches. One of the owners, Brad Visman, said it is not fair to make our customers look at you. This has affected my husband greatly. He feels ugly and like a plight to society. My husband does his best to take care of his family and it is not fair to be treated in such a way. The previous vendor coordinator told the owner of the establishment that we had done everything properly and abided by our contract to the letter. Please advise us if we have a legal right here. I have written letters from the owner and written responses to the owner as well.

Thanks, Teresa

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

Teresa, good grief, I am genuinely sorry to hear that you and your spouse are in this predicament. Nobody should be exposed to such ridicule and humiliation. I do not suggest you write letters to the owner, I suggest you retain counsel, specially a civil rights attorney with experience in A.D.A. (Americans WIth Disabilities Act) litigation experience. Based on behavior (rude comments) and based on the fact the past stall was re-rented without any sort of a fire marshall issue, there is clearly an issue here pertaining disability. As a consequence filing suit may well be a good option since this appears to be both discriminatory and retaliatory in nature.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Dimitry:


Is it expensive to hire a civil liberty lawyer, or do they usually evaluate the case and decide if they can take it on a contingency basis. Where do you find a good civil liberty lawyer in the area if you live in a different state.


In this instance, while I cannot promise such an outcome, I see many attorneys consider taking such a case on contingency, meaning that they would only get paid if they prevail. I cannot promise any attorney would accept it, but I see that as a viable possibility. I would suggest that you check out and for competent counsel. There you can search by fees, location, experience, and expertise.

Good luck!

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