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In a recommendation on an order to show cause following an

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In a recommendation on an order to show cause following an evidentiary hearing on contempt, the mother (me) is requested to prepare an order consistent with this recommendation.

What am I being asked to do? The recommendation is ten pages long and finds me not in contempt for three different reasons. Am I being asked to write a summary? What sort of "order" is the commissioner requesting that I write?
Hi, thanks for submitting your question today. What the court is asking you to do is to write an order for it to enter. For example - if the reccomendation states you are to be paid $x per month your order would state "mother is to be be paid $x per month".

Attached you will find a model order that you can generally use as a guide. The key is to clearly and consisely state in the order all the releif offered to you by the recommendations.

I believe this answers your question. However, if you need clarification or have follow-up questions regarding this matter, I will be happy to continue our conversation – select the Reply to Expert or Continue Conversation button. If you are otherwise satisfied with my response, please leave a positive rating as it is the only way I am able to get credit for my answers. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX wish you all the best with this matter.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Does the petitioner (ex husband) need to sign the order before it is submitted to the court?


Also, while I (the respondent) am not found guilty of contempt, the petitioner is not ordered by the court to actually DO anything. If there is no action to be taken, what am I to include on the "order?"

Only if it is a stipulated order, which from your question it sounded like it was not a stipulated order but a judge's ruling.

You would state something to the effect that "it is ordered that Petitioner's request for finding of contempt is hereby denied"
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