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My lower back has been injured at work. I work on a drilling

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My lower back has been injured at work. I work on a drilling rig. Yesterday my back was little sore and I took tylenol just like almost everyday... today I came to work performed my duties for an hour and whioe carrying a water up a flight of steps I got an extremely sharp pain that has persisted since... I immediately reported this moment as injury. But told them I was sore yesterday and still little before work. But did not feel Injured. Did I do the right thing and will I my medical bills be covered... they are trying to get me to say I did not report soreness yesterday... my job has a body part sore everyday. And I have been waiting for 6 hours for them to take me to see a doctor... if I leave and go on my own can I be fired?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

Let me respond to each point as listed. The fact that you did not report this yesterday but today should not be a serious isue. While you are required to report injuries as they happen, if you did not realize you were ijured but reported it as soon as you verified that you hurt yourself, that should be sufficient. The employer can attempt to give you a hard time, but as you still reported it fairly quickly (literally within 24 hours), it is hard for them to claim that you were somehow in breach of terms. As a consequence I see your bills covered--the fact you didn't feel injury right away can be medically explained by a multitude of factors include adrenaline that may have masked the pain until you finally relaxed.

If you leave without being allowed to leave, that may be considered 'abandonment' of your position, which would grant them the right to possibly discipline or even terminate you. I suggest you request leave to see a doctor by stating that you are in extreme discomfort, but leaving on your own may give them an 'out' against you.

Good luck.

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