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Can a Philadelphia hotel refuse to allow a paying guest to

This answer was rated:

Can a Philadelphia hotel refuse to allow a paying guest to extend their stay one night?

Andrea Esq. :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Pennsylvania Licensed and Practicing Attorney,

Andrea Esq. :

We are having some minor technical problems and I might have to switch over to the Q & A format, but please be assured that I have not left you. If there is a minor delay between your reply and my Answer it is because I am either researching your question, or assisting other customers. Thank you in advance for your kind patience.

Please give me the following information so that I can give you a more accurate Answer: How long was your initial reservation ?

Andrea Esq. :

I see that you are offline. Please let me know when you are back online so that we can continue

Customer: I am not offline, but am having prob
Customer: ..... Having problem connecting.
Customer: Initial reservation was for ten days.
Customer: Is anyone out there??
Customer: Hello!!!!!!
Customer: Ten days.
Andrea Esq. :


Andrea Esq. :

Please tell me why you rated me as giving you bad service.

Customer: Hello. Are we now on line?
Andrea Esq. :

I waited for you in "chat" but you never appeared, I had no way of knowing when you would return

Customer: My "bar
Customer: My " Bad Service" wasv
Andrea Esq. :

Your "Bad Service" rating of me is totally undeserved and you have embarrassed me with the website

Customer: wash
Customer: ,
Customer: My "Bad Serviv
Andrea Esq. :

Any deposit you made is with JustAnswer, I do not have any of your deposit

Customer: My "Bad Service" was not directed to you but "Just Answer" .
Andrea Esq. :

I am afraid that it is reported on me

Customer: Can u help me?
Andrea Esq. :

And, reflects badly on me and nobody else

Customer: How I
Andrea Esq. :

Yes, I can help you,

Andrea Esq. :

But, the fact remains that I will have a "Bad Service" report against me

Customer: How can I address the difficultly FINALLY getting to you?
Andrea Esq. :

And, I have done nothing to deserve it

Andrea Esq. :

Your problem with the hotel, or giving me a bad service rating ?

Customer: Both!!!!
Andrea Esq. :

I can Answer your question and you can give a rating of "Excellent Service" because you would be rating my service to you and not JustAnswer, or whether you like or agree with the Answer. You will, however, be receiving a correct and accurate Answer.

I had asked you for information before as to how many days you had made reservations at the hotel

Andrea Esq. :

Hello, Are you still in chat ?

Customer: I responded twice that it was for ten days. Then I was extending xa day at a time due to caring for a sick relative in a nearby Rehab center. On my 29 th day , I was told I had to check out that day. Also , a tax refund would not occur since I would have had to stay 30 days. It smells fishy.
Andrea Esq. :

I do not understand what a "tax refund" has to do with a hotel stay. How long was your total stay ?

Andrea Esq. :

And, which hotel was this ?

Andrea Esq. :

You were there for 29 days ?

Andrea Esq. :

If you are still there, please give me some kind of sign

Customer: The hotel was theb
Customer: Hotel was the Four Seasons at Logan Square, Philadelphia. Was told there was a excise tax on stays less than 30 days.
Customer: Am a slow typer. Want to resolve this an give you an Excellent Rating!
Andrea Esq. :

There is always an excise tax, no matter how many days a guest stays. A hotel, motel, or other place of lodging does not have the authority to waive any taxes that are added to a guest's bill.

Do you have any way of ascertaining if they actually were fully booked ? Do you believe that you were discriminated in any way ?

Customer: I believe they had a tour group check in yesterday. Even if fullyn
Andrea Esq. :

Nobody types slower than me!

So, the hotel represented to you that if your stay was for 30 days, they would not have added the tax onto your bill ?

Customer: even if fully booked, they should have known more than twenty four hours . We are talking about a bill of over nine thousand dollars.
Andrea Esq. :

For $5,000, you could have stayed at my house (Just kidding)

Customer: No offer to find other hor
Customer: hotels or any assistance. I moved to a nicer hotel, Rittenhouse Square Hotel and was upgraded to a suite.
Andrea Esq. :

Please explain what they said about staying 30 days and the excise tax and when did they tell you this ?

Andrea Esq. :

Please see my question Re; 30 day-stay and excise tax

Customer: Andrea- the 30 day stay "rulee
Andrea Esq. :

When did you tell the front desk that you needed to stay one more day ?

Customer: "rule" and waiver of " exercise tax" came from a low level desk personn
Andrea Esq. :

Please give me one minute, I want to check something about hotel taxes

Customer: I have spent big dollars at Four Season Hotels, nationwide. I have never been treated so rudely. A friend suggested I try your service, before writing to Four Seasons corporate officers.
Customer: Told them " one more day" on day 29.
Customer: Is there a "convention center tax" in Center City , Phil . Pa?
Andrea Esq. :

I'm back

Andrea Esq. :

I checked a couple of things on the Four Seasons, and found

Customer: What?
Andrea Esq. :

that they charge a 15.6 % "Philadelphia and Local Tax". Now, I Know that the tax in the City of Philadelphia is a little over 7%, so if they charge 15.6% total, that 8% is probably divided up between other things. Let me check on that and I will be back in a minute

Andrea Esq. :

What happened ?

Andrea Esq. :

I found the Answer to the tax and the 30 days

Andrea Esq. :

The City requires hotels to charge an occupancy tax and it is placed on a guests bill upon checkout. However, if a guest stays more than 30 days, he is not considered a "Hotel guest", but rather, is considered a "resident" and, therefore, the hotel cannot charge an "Occupancy tax" on a "resident" of the hotel. So, the hotel is not "waiving" anything. They are not permitted to impose an excise tax on "residents"

Customer: Does this help my case for unreasonable discharge?
Customer: What do you suggest I do next.
Customer: Andrea- r u still there?
Customer: Help!
Customer: Andrea - Your hours are worse than mine. Should we continue tomorrow ? DW
Customer: Should we continue tomorrow ?
Customer: Andrea- should we continue tomorrow ?

I could not get back into the Chat session, so I had to switch to Q&A format.


The City requires hotels to charge an occupancy tax and it is placed on a guests bill upon checkout. However, if a guest stays more than 30 days, he is not considered a "Hotel guest", but rather, is considered a "resident" and, therefore, the hotel cannot charge an "Occupancy tax" on a "resident" of the hotel. So, the hotel is not "waiving" anything. They are not permitted to impose an excise tax on "residents".


Although it was in very poor taste, unprofessional and does nothing for public relations and good will, the hotel could deny you an extra night if it was already booked. The Philadelphia Four Seasons Hotel has only 364 rooms and suites which is really not very much considering the visitors to Philadelphia who stay at hotels. If they were fully booked for a convention, which often happens in Philadelphia, they would have to deny a visitor's reservations in order to accommodate a guest who wants to add additional nights to their stay. I know that hotels have rooms set aside for emergency purposes and although I cannot prove it with concrete evidence, I am sure that the Four Seasons Hotel also participates in this practice.


I wish I could give you the Answer you want to hear, and that you had some recourse against the Four Seasons, and it would have given me great pleasure to do so, but I have an ethical obligation to you to give only correct answers and information, so since you have already given me one bad service rating, I am respectfully XXXXX XXXXX you not give me another one because it would be undeserved just like the first one and when you give a rating, you are rating my service to you and not on whether you like or agree with my Answer. I have tried my very best and have given you the additional information you requested, but cannot give you the Answer you were hoping for,


If I were in your position, I would write to their corporate headquarters, tell them what happened and stress that although you are (or were ) a loyal customer, you were not treated as a loyal customer and guest should be treated,


You may ask Customer service for a refund of your deposit, because any deposit a customer places is with JustAnswer, but I would again respectfully XXXXX XXXXX you not leave another negative rating because it would again be undeserved as I have tried my very best to give you Excellent Service, but my ethics and integrity prevent me from giving you the Answer you want to hear






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