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My application for pet adoption was rescinded after I had taken

Customer Question

My application for pet adoption was rescinded after I had taken care of the dog and made a home for 3 months. Can i take any legal action? Their claim was that I was late in taking the dog for heartworm med treatment once but I had a death in the family and was out of town and the dog was taken for their appt the following week?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 3 years ago.

You might obtain a letter from your Vet. stating what the dog's heath is now and the fact that the heartworm treatment was not done on a specific date did no harm to the dog. Take the letter to a supervisor at wherever you got the dog. What are they going to do if they take the dog back and cannot find it another home? Put it to sleep? I guess that will prove how important it is to meet their requirements. Legally speaking, you would have to file suit for an injunction against the agency claiming that they are acting arbitrarily and unreasonably in your case. It has a chance, if you can get it before a judge who a) loves animals, and b) hates unreasonable bureaucrats.

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