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The FBI is investigating my wife and I for pictures that were

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The FBI is investigating my wife and I for pictures that were taken while she was sleep and ended up at a bad person computer in the U.K. We don't know how it happened but they are looking at one or both of us as suspects. Our question is what can we do now? It just happened yesterday. What type of lawyer should we be looking for? Is there any help for us?

JD 1992 :

Hello and thank you for contacting Just Answer. I am an expert here and I look forward to assisting you today. If at any point any of my answers aren’t clear please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

JD 1992 :

Did they give you any indication of what the potential charge would be?

JD 1992 :

Also, were the pictures just of her sleeping or were they pictures of her without clothes?

Customer: No.
JD 1992 :

Was she just sleeping?

JD 1992 :

Also, what do you mean the UK person was a "bad person"?

Customer: Yes. They only showed us two pictures. They said they get worse. Not to the point of rape worse. But they just said worse.
Customer: I guess the person in the U.K. Is like a pedophile or something. They didn't explain.
JD 1992 :

The first thing is don't talk to them without a lawyer present.

JD 1992 :

You need to look for a lawyer that does Criminal Law.

Customer: They pics we saw she had clothes.
JD 1992 :

I can't imagine how you could be charged with anything based on what you've explained but if you have no idea how they got the pictures then you don't want to take any chances.

Customer: We talked to them yesterday for about 2 to 3 hours. They took my wife's laptop and checked two phones that we had. They got the serial numbers off the phones.
JD 1992 :

You definitely need to go and talk to a local lawyer so they can start working on it. You don't want them to tie you in with a pedophile and start pushing that issue.

Customer: Ok
JD 1992 :

There is nothing to be done at this point about you talking to them but they usually interview more than once and you want a lawyer there next time.

Customer: Ok. They said eventually they would like to speak to my daughter also.
JD 1992 :

Then they think for some reason you might be tied in with him. Don't waste any time.

Customer: Ok
JD 1992 :

Anything else I can answer for you?

Customer: No for now I guess.
Customer: Would I need a federal lawyer since it is the FBI?
JD 1992 :

Look for a lawyer who does criminal law and has on their ad that they do federal court. Most can do both state and federal.

JD 1992 :

You can find one at

Customer: Ok
JD 1992 :

I'll exit now to assist others.

JD 1992 :

Best wishes to you on this and please don't forget to leave a Positive Rating (of course I’d suggest Excellent!) so I get credit for my work. The website only gives credit to the expert if you give a Positive Rating.

Customer: Ok. Thank you.
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