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My situation is a little complicated. I was involved with a

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My situation is a little complicated. I was involved with a married woman ( Kim) from the end of 2009 until december 2011. After that, we kept things on a "friendship" level until august, 2012. Afterwards, I had no interaction with her until she started coming into my place of work, a restaurant, every few weeks starting november of the same year. Her visits would start out as her "missing our times together", etc. to her being rude, insulting and eventually threatening me with phrases such as "tracking me with a gps", and how she's "going to destroy me".

A few times, she's come into my workplace and accused me of spreading rumors about her and talking about her private life to people in the community. I don't. People see her come in and threaten me, curse me, (slap me in front of customers on one occasion), and if they decide to talk about it, that's on her. I don't talk about her outside of the episodes she causes me at work.

Last march she showed up at my apartment, wanting to come in and talk. I answered "no", and I asked her "why are you here"? Suddenly, she goes off on a tirade, threatening to destroy me again, every other word being the F-word, and takes off to my job (it was my day off) to "ruin" me. I txted my manager to let him know. During that time at the restaurant, while she was sitting at the bar, my ex girlfriend Flora received a message on facebook by someone posing as a man that happened to know both me and Kim, and starts insulting Flora and telling her some personal information, in addition to many lies that I supposedly said. The time that message was sent coincides with the time Kim was sitting at the bar waiting to talk to my manager. During this time, I filed a police complaint about her with the local authorities.

Since then, Kim has come into the restaurant every few weeks, sits in the lounge, and just talks trash on me, calling me a "little bitch" telling the manager that I'm "insane", just verbally attacking me to other customers, etc. Then she will make her way to the dining area, giving me the finger, and one time, saying out loud "f**k you!" in front of customers, to me.

I've chosen to ignore most of this, but this past sunday, the bartender comes over to me and says, "Hey Dan, there's this woman over in the lounge, talking all sorts of blasphemy on you"! Shortly after, she makes her way to my work area, we talk and I confront her on her name calling, and then she starts cursing at me, again, threatening to "destroy me", and so on and so forth. I walk away, as there are customers seeing this. Kim then goes back to the lounge, claims that I "just physically assaulted her" to another customer, curses out the bartender, and leaves. Because of her past history of harassement, I set up my ipod and recorded the entire conversation that she and I had. No physical contact at all, since there is a sushi bar separating me and any customers by a distance of four or five feet.

That night, the restaurant receives a call from another one of my past relationships (Lisa). Apparently, Kim drove to her apartment right after she left the restaurant, and decides to confront and harass her. I've had no contact with Lisa since the break up several years ago, so that thinking was irrational. I contacted Lisa and told her to file a police report.

Also on the same day, Floras parents receive several calls from a woman looking to speak to Flora about "business". There's a likely chance that this was Kim trying to contact and harass her. However, Flora has recently moved to california, and Kim must have done a back round search online in order to locate the address and telephone number of her parents. She is worried because this type of behavior is obviously threatening.

Today, I'm making another police report and filing for a restraining order. Are there any other legal measure that I can take in this situation?
In addition, Kim has had several confrontations with staff at our restaurant, verbally, in the past. Some have come close to becoming physical.

Thanks for your question. This sounds like a nightmare. This woman is clearly off her rocker.

Other than filing for harassment and a criminal restraining order, you also have the option of filing for a civil restraining order and for suing the woman for intentional invasion of privacy, slander (saying things bad about you at work), and potentially assault (if she ever put you in fear of being touched violently by her).

A civil law suit making these claims can place financial pressure on her. These claims can be brought in small claims court if you do not want to hire a lawyer. Of course, to have the maximum effect, it would be best to hire a lawyer to prosecute these claims.

In regard to keeping her away from her, your description of the events along with corroborating statements from your co-workers should enable the police to issue a criminal restraining order against her to keep her away from you and out of the restaurant.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Please also kindly consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my work on your question. Rating positively does not cause an additional charge and does not prevent us from further discussing your questions.

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