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My name isXXXXX live in Washington DC. I am a

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My name is XXXXX XXXXX live in Washington DC. I am a person with a Mental Illness and I am being harrassed by DC Police, on two occasions Capital Hill Police, DC Jail Officers that mased and beat me daily and breaking my ribs, one beating they recorded. This attact was in The Washington Post back in 1999; As a result of the article I won a lawsuit against DC Jail. I was suppose to get over $700,000 for the beatings, but I only got $24,000. The Lawyer that filed the suit was John xxxx a friend of my Public Defender Patrick xxxxx. Mr. xxxxx forced me to take the DC jails offer because if I did not he was dropping my case. The US Marshals mased and beat me on more the one occasion, and CSOSA who gave wrong information in Court Documents. I have contacted the Congrass Woman for DC, Nation Action Network, 7 on your side, Fox 5 tips, Citizen Complaints of DC, The Washington Field Office of the FBI, and a number of Attorneys. The only organization that has started one investigation is The Office of Police Complaints in DC but I have made many valid complaints against Officers that never reached the Office of Police Complaints because one Complaint include the presentof DC Cheif of Police Kathy xxxx. On DC Police Officer has giving me over 15 tickets causing my Drivers lisense to be suspended. I did recieve an e-mail from DC Police Internal Affairs clearing one Officer that accussed me of Child Sex Crimes in front of my Masonic Lodge that made me unable to enter my Lodge to which my Lodge was paid in full. I never have or never will harm children and no such charge is on my criminal record. That Police Officer defamed and destroyed my character with that vicious lie. Also that of revealed some of my Protected Health Infomation violating HIPPA. There has been many times I would be in public and Police Officers would yell out "Mark you take your Medication today". If HIPPA applys to this my rights has been violated. DC Police has stolen my property and DC Jail Officers has stolen my Property. My birth name is XXXXX XXXXX and on my criminal record has me as Mark xxxx. I never in my life used Mark S.xxxxx for nothing. I made complaints with the Department of Justice against Prosucutor Attorney Colleen xxxxxx for her not giving me fair treatment in court and Attorney Kenneth xxxxxx for him telling me to plead guilty after I paid him $5,000 to defend me. Later I found out that he was an Attorney for Patients at St. Elizabeth Hospital and He and Prosucutor Kennedy were working against me. I fired him and did not get a refund because he did no work. So I retained another Attorney and got Aquitted. Please Help Me !!!!

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the light you are seeking.

It is a shame that law enforcement has never really been properly trained to deal with those who have mental illnesses and they end up treating them poorly which cause more problems.

If the officers have falsely arrested you and you have now gotten acquitted, your next step to try to stop all of this is you must file suit against the officers who have violated your rights and committed the physical abuse and also the defamation.

Unfortunately, under HIPAA, the police or law enforcement or criminal justice agencies are not covered by that law. HIPAA only applies to healthcare providers and healthcare insurers and nobody else. Thus, you cannot sue them for disclosing your personal health information I am afraid.

I find it hard to believe your lodge does not have attorneys there willing to protect a brother from the harm that is being done to them by these false allegations and that would be the first place I would suggest you search for an attorney to file suit against officers who have harmed you as well as suing your former attorney for malpractice for being in collusion with the prosecutor and not representing your best interests.

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