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Can you help me please, I have been sent a subpoena in fl usa,

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Can you help me please, I have been sent a subpoena in fl usa, we are uk resudents and live in uk, it was served at my florida address. We were due to go back to fl, we were supposed to go and fly back before the trial date but I am not sure if they can landlock me.

I have an application in for a L1 visa and don't want to go to court in case it affects my application,

Not sure if it is best just to stay away until after the trial

Thank you

Thelawman2 :

A subpoena is just to provide evidence in a criminal investigation or civil suit. It does not mean that anything bad is going to happen to you. You just need to go to the court at the specified time and testify. If you do not, you can be held in contempt of court and be arrested, or if you leave the country, have a warrant put out for your arrest

Thelawman2 :

It is important to remember that a subpoena is not an indication that the receiver has done anything wrong or broken any laws. A subpoena is simply a way of summoning a person who potentially has information about a case to court, so that the information they have can be admitted as testimony for use in determining a verdict in a particular case.


I Understand that but it against a friend and have been told that if am in the uk then generally they won't enforce it.


My main concern is that if enter the counrty before the trial will they landlock me, also if go at all until after the trial will they stop me from entering the states, if this happens will it affect my visa. i know I am only a witness but want them to use against my visa depending on what happens, the spplication is in now thanks

Thelawman2 :

They might not enforce you, but they definitely could. It would be within the court's discretion. I'm not sure what you are referring to with "landlock." If you mean prevent you from leaving, if the court finds you in contempt for not showing up, they could arrest you and prevent you from leaving.

Thelawman2 :

If a warrant is out for your arrest for contempt, then it will possibly prevent you from getting a visa.


so can they make me go back to the states for the trial as I have a lot of work on, legally if I then re-enter the states after the trial will I have a problem

Thelawman2 :

If you fail to go back to the states for the trial, and they hold you in contempt of court, they can issue a warrant for your arrest. At that point, if they know of your location, they can ask the uk to extradite you to be arrested.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

can i be called as a witness for prosection and defense or is it only one?

You could be called as a witness as either. You would most likely answer questions from both sides
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok but can i be on both lists provided to the court

Yes, you could be on both lists.