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with out laughing, can I take my ex lawyer to small claims

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with out laughing, can I take my ex lawyer to small claims court instead of suing for malpractice. I know its unorthodox but if I hire a lawyer we go to court I loose 50% small claims I would get the same amount and prove the same thing with out all the pomp and circumstance...

Also finding a lawyer to sue another is very difficult

BTW he left me because I contacted the bar...He was upset...
Hello friend,

Thank you for requesting me.

I am afraid not. Small claims does not have proper "jurisdiction." Small claims include claims for less than $5,000 (breach of contract, etc), recovery of personal property, evictions, and cases to enforce liens filed by mechanics for service and storage of motor vehicles.

A legal malpractice case cannot be heard in small claims, I am afraid. I am sorry.

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