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I own a 7-eleven, I caught one of my employees steeling by

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I own a 7-eleven, I caught one of my employees steeling by making fake refunds. My monthly inventory shortage was $500 but it got to $2000 after confronting him with the evidence he confessed but only to small amount of money so when I estimated that his theft totaled $5000 and I will seek legal actions he agreed to pay back $5000 plus $1700 a loan I give him at the beg of the year. He promised verbally to pay $6700 on installment according to agreement of my choice in the near future
I need some legal papers summarizing all this facts or the best possible way to collect the installments from him
Hello and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.
If you have entered into an agreement with the employee for him to reimburse you for any loans or missing money, then you just need to type up the agreement as you have stated it here, have the employee sign and date it and have it notarized. Then it is a completely legally binding contract.
For something this straightforward, you wouldn't need to spend money on an attorney to draft the agreement for you. Simple is best.
If you simply type up a statement that says something like "I Bob Smith, agree to repay XXXXX XXXXX the amount of $6,700 for loans and reimbursement at the rate of $XXXXX per month for XXX months" and have it signed, dated and notarized, it will hold up in any court if he defaults on repaying you.
You can tell the employee that since this would be considered felony employee theft, there is no statute of limitations under MD law on you filing a felony complaint should they default on the agreement to repay you.
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