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For Lucy Good morning: I hate to bother you with such

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For Lucy

Good morning:

I hate to bother you with such fundamental, detailed questions but the more I attempt to represent myself, the more I find how exact the process is and how easy it is to be dismissed or defeated based upon a technical error in procedure.

It appears I should have sent documents I may use during trial to the Court by June 30th. I am going to file them, with an explanation, at this late date and see what happens.

Since I anticipate my wife will argue she was the major contributor to our income, (she was a flight attendant for heaven sake.), I need to establish my income and use my W-2 history over 20 years as proof I out-earned her.

Obviously, this will entail submitting an exhibit with many pages attached to it, including proceeds from lawsuits, inheritances, separate property sales proceeds that were unfortunately deposited in our joint bank account, etc. Could you tell me the proper way to prepare this and other exhibits with similar voluminous content. It would seem to me I would mark it Exhibit A, for example, and then number the pages, but I need to be sure. Should I attach a cover sheet for each exhibit outlining it's purpose? If so, should I prepare a "master" cover sheet listing all of my exhibits and what they are designed to show? Would it be better to make a separate exhibit for each of the categories listed above even though they all are designed to show my financial contribution?

Thanks again Lucy for all of your excellent assistance.

Good morning,

It's not necessary to attach an explanation of what an exhibit is, unless it's unclear looking at it. It is OK to make an index, basically as a list of what each exhibit is.

Typically, each individual document is a separate exhibit. You can do Exhibit A with all of your tax returns in it, with individual page numbers, but Exhibit A usually wouldn't be every financial document that you have. It's just easier to have separate documents as their own exhibits, especially if you decide not to use some of it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As we discussed earlier, her attorney got a ton of documents from me during the original discovery and kept the original documents for a year while arguing about who was responsible for paying to get them copied.


I have received no documents from him related to this June 30th deadline, nor did I receive any during the original discovery process.


Am I now obligated to send him a copy of my anticipated filing?

Everything filed with the court has to be served on the other party, yes.
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