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My neighbor took it upon himself to cut down some trees and

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My neighbor took it upon himself to cut down some trees and shrubs on my side of the property line. This vegetation provided at least 75% privacy between the two lots. I want him to pay for the cost of replacement and have provided him with a reasonable estimate requesting a response by a certain date. As expected, I have received no response. What would you recommend as a next step?


Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.


What you are describing is both a claim for trespass and for destruction of property, something for which you can demand that he compensate you as he removed items belonging solely to you without your consent. The next step, if he is refusing to respond, is filing in small claims court. In Colorado the small claims limit is up to $7,500, so if the estimate you have is under that amount, you can directly file yourself (which is the best benefit of small claims, since you do not need an attorney to file), serve him with your complaint, and take him in front of the judge for a hearing. Then if you prevail you can also include filing fees as part of your award, and use the courts to force him to pay you what is owed.

Good luck.

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