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My mother-in-law has admitted to giving an ex-con money from

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My mother-in-law has admitted to giving an ex-con money from her fixed income in the amount of 10,000. What can we do to break this up? Can we have him arrested for Elder Fraud? What has to happen for us to take over her finances?
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Good morning. Do you know why she had given this man money? Was it freely and voluntarily done or do you think he tricked her? Is your mother of sound mind and aware of her actions?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She is an alcoholic and not very bright. He has told her he is expecting money from California worker's comp to pay her back. He has already received and spent this money in 2010. This is basically a lie that we have proven to her time and again.

Jim, thank you for the additional information. If you have concerns about the intent and actions of this man, you can certainly go with your mother to the police station and file a report, allowing them to investigate the matter. This is a crime against the State of Nevada, with your mother as the victim. Of course, your mother is going to need to cooperate and give a statement to the police, for them to determine if a criminal act was committed. If it comes out that this was a loan and she freely and voluntarily gave him this money, then it would be a civil matter and she would need to sue him to recover, if he has not paid her back. If you wanted to take over her finances and act on her behalf based upon her age and inability to do so, you could seek guardianship. Here is a link with the information for you to review, that explains what must be done.
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