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HelloI purchased a Honda Odyssey (2012) back in April of

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I purchased a Honda Odyssey (2012) back in April of 2012. I have had to take it to the shop numerous times for many issues since i purchased the new car (listed below). I have been at the service shop more times in the past year (for a new car!) than I have ever been for my old Geo Prizm that has over 200K miles.

Is there any legal recourse in addressing my problems? The rattling noise has been the biggest issue for me that has not been resolved. They have told me that I shouldn't worry about it and if anything happens, and since I have raised this issue multiple times, they may repair it for free even after the warranty - assuming any future issue that is potentially or may be related to the noise. But I am concerned if it could potentially be a safety issue, and I personally do not drive the van anymore because it really bothers me when i hear the noise. My wife mostly drives it with the my children.

-Alignment 3 times (fixed on the 3rd time)
-brake pad wear resurface 2 x
-Rattling noise 4x (service dept. state they can't hear it when test driving) - still remains "unfixed"
-Battery died, needed jump start few months after purchase
-trunk squeaks when opening (have not taken to repair yet)

Now, I will make an appointment for the noise coming from AC.

Many thanks!
Dear Customer, thank you for choosing Just Answer. I am sorry to learn of your difficulties with your new vehicle. It sounds as if your problems fall within the California "lemon law" statutes entitling you to repairs or replacement throughout the period of your warranty. While you have multiple defects with your auto, and I cannot identify the time frame for each, the following link has detailed information on how the act applies, how to go about enforcing your rights, and how to contact the California Attorney General's Office Department of Consumer Affairs if the dealer does not make this right:
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