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I was fired from my job on April 12, 2013. I filed for unemployment

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I was fired from my job on April 12, 2013. I filed for unemployment right away and got one week of it ($168) before finding a job. My ex boss then appealed it and we went to court over it. I won, and the judge wrote a letter saying how unprofessional and horrible tempered he was. I am also going through a case with the labor dept over unpaid wages. After the unemployment hearing, I thought I was finally done dealing with him. However on July 26, his wife showed up at my house a little before 10 am. Told me I need to stop, and that I got their smoking hut closed down because I wrote a letter and they came and checked it, and it wasn't legal. I however did not write a letter and told her that. She was telling me I need to stop, and that I don't want big money people with big money lawyers on my bad side, and that everyone will know it was me, and that its on public record. That's impossible as it wasn't me. Then today my husband got a call from a friend of ours who works at another bar in town, who also got theirs closed down, and told him that the bartender used my name stating he talked to my ex boss and I got all of them closed down. I work at a bar in town here, and don't need people harassing me and saying things about me that aren't true. I thought I was done dealing with the horrible ways of this boss, and it just keeps coming. How do I go after them for harassment and slander? His wife is a school teacher in town here and shouldn't be going to peoples house and threatening them, especially over stuff that I didn't do. Do I have a case?

Thank you for the information and your question. Although it is doubtful, based on the few facts that you have provided, that this would be a criminal harassment case, you might definitely have a cause of action for defamation of character. If these people made false statements of fact about you to a third party, and this has damaged your reputation, then that would be defamatory. In that case, you will want to sit down with a local trial/litigation attorney who handles non-physical injury torts (which is what defamation of character is) and discuss all the details with them to see if they think your case is worth filing, or whether a "cease and desist" letter should be sent first as a warning not to continue with this behavior.

You can see the ND harassment statute at the link below, but it requires telephone or written threats, so if those did not occur, this would not be an option. If you do have information that would meet the statutory requirements, then you can file a police report against them. The the prosecutor would be the one to decide whether or not to pursue charges.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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