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I have been a patient of the Oregon Medical Marijuana program.

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I have been a patient of the Oregon Medical Marijuana program. I was told to take doses every six hours. I think this has distorted my thought process. I have viewed web pages that were inappropriate. This is out of character for me. Today I disposed of all medicine. I feel totally different. I was taking it for nausea and optical hypertension. I will be going on mainstream medication for these ailments.

My question. Do I need to fear or contact the FBI for viewing inappropriate web pages?
I am afraid I may be targeted, I don't know, but in my heart any inappropriate behavior on my part was caused by my medicine. I am even thinking about suing the doctor and clinic, but would just like to put my inappropriate behavior this behind me.

Can you give me some advice on this? Should I contact the FBI myself and explain or just move on with my life.

Thanks, Mitch
Hello Jacustomer,

Unless the sites you looked at involved underaged participants, porn is perfectly legal, assuming that's what you mean by inappropriate. If they were underaged, unless you chatted on line and contracted for sex with someone who turned out to be an undercover officer, or downloaded photos and sent them to others, the odds are good that you won't get caught, especially since you were doing this only for a brief time and have stopped.

If you were looking at sites involving sex with underaged participants, you should absolutely not call the FBI and confess to a sex offense unless you would like to be charged and risk a conviction and lifetime registration as a sex offender. You should also keep this story to yourself, since you never know who would want to use it against you. If you werent on underaged sites, there is nothing to confess.

Keep in mind that if you downloaded any underaged files it might leave a trail if you ever had to bring your computer in to be debugged, and in most states, techs are required to report that. If you viewed but didn't download, erase your history. Do that while it's on your mind so that you don't forget it.

In the unlikely event you are contacted by authorities, admit to nothing. Just tell the police you have nothing to say until after you have spoken to a lawyer, and then go get one.

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